M O N R O Y x HERNÁN HERDEZ: Sensitive For Rebellion

Culture — 18.03.22

Director & DP: MOM
Photographer: Michelle Corvino
Designer: Marilyn Monroy
Stylist: Nat Rychart
Beauty: Auður Sif

M O N R O Y releases its first collection in collaboration with HERNÁN HERDEZ.

Together they cultivated the ‘SENSITIVE’ top which captures the expression of bodily ornaments and its connection to their symbolism, turning the notion of rebellion and sensitivity into a balance between feminine and masculine energy.

This editorial is set to document ‘real’ friends and family as they incorporate the ‘SENSITIVE’ top into their own wardrobe. Basking in the realm of their own person and what inspires them in their everyday life.

Special thanks to MOM, Michelle Covino, and Nat Rychart.

Video Credits:
Director & DP – MOM
Designer – Marilyn Monroy
Label – Monroy
Stylist – Nat Rychart
Beauty – Auður Sif
Model – Olivia Taylor
Model – Alexander Prado
Model – Aubrey Devin
Model – Tracie Fields
Model – Brinda Iyer