Project Knit All Together

Art — 14.01.21

Photographer: Yuji Watanabe
Designer: Motohiro Tanji
Hair: Kazuki Fujiwara & Yuri Nakajima 
Makeup: Maki Kunimoto
Florist: Yurika Moriya
Mixed Media: Rebecca Coltorti 
Drawing: Franziska Schütz
Model: Aoi, Kaino YuMiku Uehara, Rinko Tsukamoto
Special project for Knit All Together

The project ‘Knit All Together’ aims to create a huge knitting artwork by collecting knitting products that everyone makes at home. From April to May in 2020, collaborators Motohiro Tanji of the knit brand Motohiro Tanji and the photographer Yuji Watanabe asked amateur knitters to send them sweaters, small accessories (hat, bag, etc), knit swatches and knitted animals and created one huge piece of knitting artwork with knitted products.

During this time, they received more than 1,000 knitted items of various kinds from more than 100 participants. With the items, they made 60 artworks in the size of around 40cm and assembled them to create 4 pieces of clothing and the huge knitting artwork.