Art — 25.10.23

Photographer: Albert Font Garcia
Production Designer: Andrea Gandarillas
Lettering: Max Villa

An altar is a divine chord. A transference to an inter-dimension. Objects placed inside of an altar, begin a process of communication. An item chosen carries with it not just its utility but flickers its own inner significance. They are symbols. They carry messages. Serving as portals, they connect you to the realms that will make your desires come true. The realms that placed them inside of you.

Anything can be sacred. Anything can be revered. Anything is worthy of being worshiped. It is in the decision of what is worthy that directs our compass. Which items harmonize at the frequency of what we would like to say to the universe? What, of what we have on this Earth, would we like to offer?

This series of photographs invites the viewer to engage with this act. Of lifting items onto the altar. Of making contact with the universe more clear. Of what of our own belongings we can magnify to a scope of deification. What we decide ultimately becomes sacred.