Bugs and Beauty: The Art of Sebastião Lobo

Art — 27.02.24

Words & Photography: Olga Shatokha

In the world of Portuguese artist Sebastião Lobo, insects and creativity collide in a fascinating display of artistry. From his studio adorned with intricate metal and thread sculptures to the playful names he gives each crafted creature, Sebastião’s work draws you into a realm of surrealism akin to Kafka’s Metamorphosis.

Sebastião’s passion for art as a force for good shines at Little Lions School in Kenya’s slums. Here children explore their creativity inspired by insects to create drawings and prints. This program both nurtures young talents and supports local artisans, creating a community where art means prosperity and culture.

Another vector of Sebastião’s work is daring tableware designs. From intricate cutlery to a cheeky penis-shaped salt shaker, they challenge norms and spark conversations about identity and inclusivity.

When asked about his creative process, Sebastião admits that he often finds himself most creative when in a dark place, using music as a vehicle to delve into those depths: it’s through these emotional journeys that his most profound works come to life.

In Sebastião Lobo’s art, each piece tells a story—a tale of beauty found in life’s smallest wonders. Through his work, we’re reminded of the power of creativity to transform – a different kind of metamorphosis.

You can view Sebastião’s work through his Instagram and Website.