I Thought You Were Special: Ex-lovers interview Buck Andrews

Culture — 09.06.21

Editor & Stylist: Silken Weinberg
Intro: Kelsi Franzino & Sarah Kassel 

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The boyish charm, the emerald eyes, the stimming hands; it’s easy to see that Buck Andrews is special. Andrews is the breakout star of the second and final season of Netflix’s hilarious, queer love letter to the disenfranchised Special. His infectious laugh and unaffected self-assurance burst on the silver screen, even if that screen is your outdated iPhone. Buck is a gay neurodivergent actor and writer, but he’s also so much more. To get to the bottom of what makes Buck so special, we asked the people who know him best – in the biblical sense – to submit questions. 

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What’s your favorite thing you’ve written in your journal about a lover?

I write hypothetical text conversations all the time to plan out interactions. One of which goes a little something like this….

Lover: Sry, I haven’t texted you back in weeks. How are you I keep listening to that Nick Drake song! It’s so fucking good. 

(two hours later) Lover: ????

Me: I’m out with my friends right now. Haha, yeah Nick Drake is awesome. 

Lover: I keep thinking about you.


If you could bottom for anyone in history, who would it be?

Hard question, but I can nail it down to three: Leon Trotsky, Remus Lupin, and Lady GaGa’s Dog Walker.


You’re sleeping in a rental home you’re pretty sure is haunted. What music are you putting on to help you sleep?

I feel like ghosts haunt people because there’s some lingering personal trauma. Like, tbh a ghost haunting says less about you and more about the ghost’s fragile ego. I’d probably play them some emotionally confrontational bops like girl in red, or Alanis Morisette, so they can finally work out whatever they have going on. 

(left): Coat and Shirt Bode, Trousers and Belt Vintage, Shoes Doc Martens.
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What does your dream boyfriend look like? Not necessarily physically, but emotionally, spiritually…

They’re not needy and have their own social life that does not revolve around me. Physically, I’ve kind of dated all across the spectrum (haha). I’ve dated a lot of people that spiritually identify with rats. 


What historical tragedy do you most relate to?

When Ashley Benson and Cara Delveine secretly bought a sex swing. 


Would you rather take someone else’s nudes or have nudes taken of you?

I like taking other people’s nudes way more. My sister’s a photographer (like a real one) and she asks her clients what parts of their body they want to highlight. I do the same, but naked. 

Tag yourself as an STI.

I like Chylamdyia because it’s quite a stunning name. 


When were you most manically in love?

My senior year of high school, I was dating two college boys and I had moments with both of them on the Long Island Rail Road (LIRR). It was foul but beautiful. 


Chromatica II into…?

Authentic representation of autistic bottoms in the media. 

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What is your most precious memento and where do you keep it?

Moogle (a stuffed animal from Final Fantasy) and away from my dog.


If you were starring in a show/movie who would be your ideal romantic interest (besides me)?

Josh O’Connor in the Loewe advertisements.


Who would play you and me in your biopic?

Josh O’Connor in God’s Own Country and Josh O’Connor in Emma

Coat Gucci, Button-up Thom Browne, Ribbon Tie Miu Miu

Where were you the day ArtPop dropped? This is crucial / my fav question…

I was in a barn rave and it was really just an excuse for my dear friend Cameron to have a coming-out party. 


Which Avatar element do you most closely identify with?



What’s your favorite college in upstate New York?

I don’t know what’s going on, but every recent hook-up has gone to Bard or is affiliated with Bard in some way. So, Bard.

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Am I the only ex who identifies as female on this list?

That I know of, yes. 


Favorite blonde in Hollywood?

Lisa Kudrow.


What would a world full of your clones look like?

A Buck’s Life. I just thought about that and kind of vomited. 


Who is your style icon? Fictional characters only.

Rusty from Greek, Aria from Pretty Little Liars (specifically the tie skirt from season four), and douchebags I went to high school with (yes, in my mind the lacrosse time is fictional). 

Coat and Shirt Bode, Trousers and Belt Vintage, Shoes Doc Martens

Watch Buck on Special Season 2 via Netflix and follow his Instagram to stay up-to-date.