Paradigmes: An exclusive interview with La Femme

Music — 02.04.21

Photographer: Axel Aurejac
Producer: Oriane Playner
Styling Assist: Brittany Belo
Special thanks: Angela Ricciardi

In the midst of a paradigm shift, on the brink of insanity, among the confusion, between realms and new world orders, we seek madness, cling to desires, throw ourselves to the wind, and say LET US DANCE. DANCE IN DIGNITY. INFORM OURSELVES WITH GROOVE. Dare we enjoy this moment?

Look to the stars with optimistic indifference and be satisfied. The sun somehow continues to rise, whales exist, and the 8th world wonder we call music steadily saves us from ourselves. Let’s rejoice in the freedom we know as insignificance and give thanks to the band who keeps us STAYING ALIVE.

IN THE SPIRIT OF QUESTIONING EVERYTHING…Teeth Magazine presents 20 questions with LA FEMME.

How would you define heaven?

A pain-free moment where we are in harmony with life and in the present, sometimes those moments happen in life.


Can music save the world?

No, but music can save some humans.


Should the world be saved?

The world is gonna be what it’s gonna be. There are some bigger forces in nature that we can’t do anything against, we should try to save ourselves first.


Is Paris the greatest city in the world?

No, I don’t think so, there is somewhere more Feng Shui.


If you could astral project to any dimension in space or time where would you go?  

If there is another planet with another civilization I would be happy to go as a foreign cosmonaut and see what happens there, what they’re doing.

What are your thoughts on TikTok?

I don’t have thoughts on TikTok.  I don’t use that app.


What things in life do you love the most?

Going to drink outside with a little guitar, singing loud, ending in underwear in a fountain on a sunny afternoon. There are some other things I like for having a good time too, finally, it’s not that far off – just having some good times with people that I love, doing music, and travelling.


What things in life do you not love the most?

Death, sickness, and nervous breakdowns.


What brought you all together?

School, music, skateboarding, graffiti, party, hanging out, life


What are the responsibilities of the artist, if any?

Build some gates, open some doors, ask some questions and create accidents

What do you do when you are sad?

I try not to be. I try to fight against the negative forces that try to dominate me, you have to do things, fill the space and void; to be occupied and not preoccupied.


Where were you in a past life?

I simply do not know.


Where are you going?

Also do not know.


How are you getting there?

We will see.  I want to live in the present.


In what environment/circumstance do you do your best dreaming/thinking?

It depends, but I think when I feel alone and far away or if I spend all day in the water, and I’m tired, a good way of tired.  Not like smoking.  I don’t often have good dreams.


How do you differentiate between dreams and reality?

Sleeping or being awake, but you can be asleep while standing or live standing asleep.

What are your thoughts on Disneyland?

I’ve never been, but I heard if you want to know the next laws for the coronavirus or the next schedules for quarantine, you have to watch their calendar.


How do you learn? 

By making mistakes. Trying.


Describe La Femme in 5 words:

Global, groove, world, music, folk.


Is this what the grand finale looks like?

No comment.

*Bonus question: 

Can a relationship exist between gratitude and existentialism? 

I think we are a drop of water in an ocean of time, but all this remains in the order of the concept and remains uncertain.

Iconic psych-rock French band La Femme returns with their third album Paradigmes transcending genre in a dadaist dimension all their own. The band’s founding members and primary songwriters Sacha Got and Marlon Magnée are masters of escapism, get ready for a trip.