Editorials — 26.08.19

Photography: Josh Chang
Styling & Casting: Dominyka Angelyte
Hair: Mikio Aizawa
Makeup: Hiroyo Iwaki
Models: Sarah Berger at Women ManagementLéo at Akrav Agency
Photography Assistants: Flavio Starita and Chip Wei Wong
Styling Assistant: Nathan Rebussi
Special thanks to Maximilien Pegasus and Herve Coutin at INFINITY8

Top Speedyharmonycollectorthings

Sarah wears: Top Eatable of Many Orders, Jacket & Trousers Sankuanz, Sandals By Far.
Leo wears: Top and Trousers Ekmekchy, Shirt Verena Schepperheyn, Slippers UGG.

Top Sankuanz, Underwear Gamut, Scarf Repetto, Shoes Neith Nyer, Stockings Stylist’s Archive

Dress Leandro Cano, Boots Moohong

Sarah wears: Top Faucon Friedlander, Earring My Daughter Is Better Than Yours.
Leo wears: Gloves Agnelle.

Dress Rafaele Lenseigne, Trousers Christian Dada, Earring Vibe Harsloef

Sarah wears: Top Faucon Friedlander, Skirt Neith Nyer, Underwear and Socks Stylist’s Archive, Sandals By Far.
Leo wears: Trousers Speedyharmonycollectorthings.