Heads and Tales

Editorials — 05.12.23

Photographer: Charlotte Helwig
Stylist: Jannis Jelto Witzel
Hair: Tina Pachta using GHD Hair
Makeup: James Lyman
Set Designer: Christiaan Pienaar
Production: Georgina Bates
Models: MengXuan, Thomas, Alto,
Katharina & Sayuri at Let It Go Management
Laetitia at Viva Models, Devon at Anti-Agency
Laffy at Wir sind Uns, Luca and Cecilia
Production Assistant: Andrea Witzel
Text written by Giulio Polverigiani

From the earliest chapters of human history, fairy tales, myths, and folklore have represented vital elements in the complexity of cultures. These stories permeate our imaginative realm, and do more than entertain: they shape our ideas of right and wrong, our perception of the world, and our role within it. Heroes emerge from these tales, not as mere characters but as symbols of perseverance. Facing adversity at every turn, self-belief empowers them to conquer even the most daunting obstacles. They assist us in addressing real-world fears, within the confines of a fantastical environment. Our growth and evolution draw us closer to these emblematic figures. We could see glimpses of our reflections and our identity in the valors of intrepid knights, in the mesmerizing gaze of sirens, in the charming elegance of princesses and princes, or in the whimsical dance of enchanting elves and witches. Yet, it’s vital to recognize that mythical realms don’t consistently mirror the multifaceted spectrum of human identities.

Imagine, then, introducing a vibrant stroke of queer identity to this age-old canvas: in the dreamscape of our mind, classic heroes evolve, illuminated in different lights and shades.

The stories of their identities shift, breathe, and reinvent themselves, giving birth to tales where the boundaries of traditional narratives blur.

Subverting traditional power dynamics, ancient narratives involving same-sex affection, gender fluidity, and transformations — often omitted from juvenile mythological collections — emerge with newfound vigor. Into this canvas, we introduce a queer hue, where characters who weaved our imagination are reenvisioned, both old and new. Characters we once thought we knew now transform, revealing facets that are more cohesive with our contemporary beliefs. A majestic female knight, beguiling queer sirens, or gracious non-binary nobles challenge age-old conventions, forming a bridge between ancient realms and our modern world. Their timelessness reinforces the idea that they truly reflect the inherent nature of humanity, although myths don’t always align with reality. Moving beyond the confines of the quintessential “Happily Ever After,” we envision a magical world whose stories are both a mirror and a window. Our heroes are protagonists of journeys of self-discovery, and above all, a testament to the boundless power of imagination.

– Giulio Polverigiani

Bikini Top Florentina Leitner, Trousers Nicklas Skovgaard, Belt Certain Pace, Gloves & Headpiece Vintage, Tights FALKE, Shoes Ultravantgarde

Top Stylist’s Archive, Trousers Ultravantgarde

Headpiece, Jacket, Belt, & Shorts Nicklas Skovgaard, Armour Vintage

Headpiece, Jacket, Belt, & Shorts Nicklas Skovgaard, Armour Vintage, Shoes Anne Isabella

Corset Top Ultravantgarde, Shorts Jean Paul Gaultier, Boots Stylist’s Archive

Jacket Nicklas Skovgaard, Bikini Top Ultravantgarde, Panties Florentina Leitner, Boots Camper x Ottolinger

Top Rombaut, Underwear Loewe

On Laffy (left): Dress Nicklas Skovgaard, Necklace Certain Pace, Shoes Camper.
On Laetitia (right): Top & Skirt Acne Studios, Gloves & Tights Vintage, Necklace Certain Pace, Shoes Rombaut.

On Sayuri (left): Dress & Shoes Ultravantgarde, Tights FALKE.
On Katharina (right): Blouse Jacquemus, Trousers and Shoes Ultravantgarde.

On Devon (left): Corset Top Ultravantgarde, Shorts Jean Paul Gaultier, Boots Stylist’s Archive.
On Thomas (right): Dress Anne Isabella, Necklace Stylist’s Archive, Socks FALKE, Shoes Camper.

On Luca (left): Sweater & Bag Loewe, Trousers Acne Studios, Boots Camper.
On MengXuan (right): Dress Nicklas Skovgaard, Tights Model’s Own, Shoes Rombaut.

On Katharina (left): Bikini Top Florentina Leitner, Trousers Nicklas Skovgaard, Belt Certain Pace, Gloves Vintage, Tights FALKE, Shoes Ultravantgarde, Headpiece Vintage, Glasses Acne Studios.
On Cecilia (middle): Top & Skirt Jacquemus.
On Alto (right): Top Stylist’s Archive, Trousers Ultravantgarde.