Biting Into Peaches: An interview with Eddie Mitsou

Art — 19.09.23

Words and Photos: Andrey Tarasov
Styling: Sarah Benjamin

This year I had the pleasure to shoot model and health expert Eddie Mitsou at the Chateau Marmont in Los Angeles, for her new book release of Peaches. While it was an exciting time for her, Eddie was nonchalant and calm with the whole situation. Fast-forward a few months later, Eddie, myself, and our mutual friend Sarah Benjamin, who introduced us, all met up in Paris. We strolled the streets, sipped espresso, and went for a walk in an unfamiliar park which organically created additional imagery for this exclusive photo story.

Eddie, tell us about where you are from. 

I’m from Stockholm, Sweden. A small but geographically pretty big, cold, and Nordic country. A family full of love. 


How was growing up there? 

Growing up in Sweden was very wholesome. I’m grateful for having the safety and security I did as a child – with a great education, free healthcare, and access to quality produce. 


How did you get started in fashion and modeling? 

I got scouted on the subway by an agent one evening when I had run away from home in some trivial teenage argument I had with my mom. I was 14 years old, and only a couple weeks after I was sent to Paris for a summer stay with a French agency. I modeled mainly in Europe in my teens, and then I started working as a fashion assistant in Stockholm as well, which continued on to a fashion blog (yes – 2012 blogs where BIG) which later turned into a vegan food blog. At 19, I moved to New York for modeling, and my wellness path started shaping even more.


Have you always been nutrition-focused and driven? 

I’ve always loved food and eating well. As a child, my favorite food was salad actually haha. Entering modeling in my young teens I definitely became more aware (for better and for worse) of what I consumed. The older I get, the more important the nutrition, food source, and product quality are for me. 


What are you up to now and are there any new projects you are working on/towards? 

I just published my book Peaches, which is a health compound full of inspiring interviews, recipes, life lessons, and tools on how to be the best version of yourself. I’m planning a fall of activities in Los Angeles and New York with a focus on health, wellness, mental health, and community. Follow @eddiespeaches for updates 🙂 


What does balance mean to you? 

Balance means having both feet steady on the ground but with a clear sight forward. You need to have balance and calm within yourself in order to grow. Balance is also knowing your own limits, not pushing too hard at times, and just being okay in the now.


When did the idea for your book come to you? 

I started working on Peaches about five years ago. There was no book like it on the market, and I wanted to create something that would have it all. A combination of design, beauty, health, depth, and information. But also lightheaded and a fun read! Peaches works as a coffee table book, you can take bits and pieces, or you can read from start to finish and grow tremendously on the way. 


What would you say is the overall message?

Be nice to that nice girl. And learn how to believe in your own power and strength. 


Advice for an artist or creative? 

Just go for it. It can feel hard and scary at times, but it’s better to do something than nothing. Every step is one step further. If you stand still, nothing ever changes.


Peaches can be found shipping all over the United States and Canada on, and in local Los Angeles stores such as Arcana Books on the Arts, Skylight Books, Den Mother, Book Soup, and Huset. In Stockholm (shipping to all of Europe) at Papercut.