Personal Space: Interview with Painter Alex Constable

Culture — 29.07.16

Photography & Words: Inbar Levi


Where are you from?

Los Angeles.





Occupation? Where is your studio/work space?

Painting and Production design.


Where is your studio/workspace located?

Glassell park.


How does it feel to be young and creative in LA right now? What’s your impression of LA and its thriving art movement?

LA is filled with new opportunity. It’s always been a city of celebrity fame in Hollywood, but as for the arts, LA is booming at the moment. I feel an excitement in the air. Even having grown up in LA, I’m constantly discovering new areas which seem to cater to the arts.


What’s so special about Los Angeles? How does this city play a role in the work you create?

Sunshine, cars, layered advertisements, and artificial Hollywood are just a few things that play an important role in my work.


What is your proudest moment so far?

I’ve gotta say traveling usually gets me feeling pretty proud. I try and get out of town at least once a year. My last trip was London visiting friends.


Do you like collaborating with other people or is it a one-man show for you?

I’m always looking to collaborate. It’s an incredible strength to be able to create with others. That’s why I was so drawn to production design – the feeling of working with a large crew of people, hammering away on a production. I couldn’t imagine only working alone in a studio, I’d go fucking nuts!


What part of creating is more important for you: the idea, the process, or the outcome?

The process is the most important part of my work. My paintings are layered with hidden changes. I tend to work slowly, so as days go by my feelings toward color and even subject change, so I’ll quickly scratch out or paint over it. Working on multiple surfaces at a time helps with my impulsive method of painting.


What makes you wake up in the morning? What motivates you?

The studio. I work best in the morning.


What is your work routine? What sparks a new project for you?

It always changes with project to project, but tends to always begin with a drawing and my endless image library from my phone. Then, I collage found images with my own photographs and set up still life and compositions in my studio. Finally, I photograph it and project it onto canvas, using that as my guideline. From there, I become more gestural and unforgiving.


Growing up, did you always know you’d end up working in the creative field?

Yeah, pretty much. My parents always pushed me to be an artist and our time together was usually spent at the movies or in a museum. So, as I got older, I kinda just gave in. Either way, I never felt too confident in academics.  


What do you listen to when you work?

A bit of everything, really. Oldies mostly, although this week I’ve got that new Skepta on repeat.


Can you talk a little bit about style? Your personal style and your work style, and how do the two relate to each other?

When is comes to fashion, style is key but comfort is real. I always got a fresh pair of Adidas and keep everything loose.


In a decade from now, where do you think you’ll be and what will you be doing?

Lost somewhere…probably Sweden :~)