Around the Clock

Editorials — 06.04.20

Photographer: Paolo Leonori
Stylist: Lucia Giustozzi
Hair: Erisson Musella
Makeup: Alessia Stefano at ATOMO
Models: Alessandra at D’Management, Anisia at IMG
Photo Assistant: Giacomo Colombo
Stylist Assistant: Nicolò Vanghetti

Top Salvatore Vignola, Bottoms Stylist’s Archive, Tights Philippe Mantignon, Shoes Arthur Arbesser, Earrings RADÀ.

Cardigan and Bottoms 1910 Borbonese, Jacket Marco De Vincenzo

On Anisa (left): Dress Marco De Vincenzo, Earring Arianna Fabiano.
On Alessandra (right): Shirt Romeo Gigli, Earring Arianna Fabiano.

Body and Top CIVIDINI, Skirt BABYLON, Shoes Stylist’s Archive

On Alessandra (left): Shirt Valenti, Jacket 1910 Borbonese, Earring Arianna Fabiano.
On Anisia (right): Bodysuit Valenti, Dress Teodoro Albino.

On Alessandra (left): Shirt CIVIDINI, Jacket DROMe, Trousers Marco Rambaldi, Shoes Stylist’s Archive.
On Anisia (right): Jacket BIMBA Y LOLA, Skirt and Earring 1910 Borbonese, Shoes DROMe.

Shirt OBEY, Jacket and Skirt Romeo Gigli, Choker Stylist’s Archive

On Anisia (left): Bodysuit Valenti, Dress Teodoro Albino, Shoes NIKE X MARTINE ROSE.
On Alessandra (right): Shirt Valenti, Jacket Dress1910 Borbonese, Jewellery Arianna Fabiano, Shoes Andrea Mondin.