When the ones you love have gone missing

Editorials — 09.08.21

Photographer: Maximilian Mair

(left to right) On Keta: Top and Trousers Helmut Lang.
On Kyian: Jacket ACUPUNCTURE, Shirt Studio Sartoriale.
On Ahmed: Top Studio Sartoriale.

Sweater Grifoni

Top, Vest, and Skirt Ann Demeulemeester, Shoes Canaku

Jacket Angelos Frentzos, Bodysuit Wolford, Socks Bresciani, Shoes Ann Demeulemeester

On Nyawargak: Shirt Blue of a Kind.
On Ahmed: Tank Helmut Lang.

Jacket and Trousers ACUPUNCTURE, Shirt Studio Sartoriale, Shoes Converse

Top Ann Demeulemeester

Shirt DAVII, Bodysuit Wolford, Socks Bresciani, Shoes Converse

On Kyian: Full Look DROMe.
On Keta: Jacket Angelos Frentzos.