Post Fast Fashion

Editorials — 25.05.20

Photographer: Hélène Tchen
Stylists: France Hofnung and Maud Dupuy
Hair: Anita Bujoli
Makeup: Rika Bitton
Models: Alejandra and Lucca at Rock Men
Photo Assistant: Alizée Omaly
Shot at Studio LPOVS

“Does what we create justify what we destroy?”
— Tony Fry

On Lucca (left): Suit Guerrisol, Top Maison Mourcel, Shoes Model’s Own.
On Alejandra (right): Suit Garage Sale, Top Maison Mourcel, Shoes Vintage.

On Lucca (left): Suit Guerrisol, Top Maison Mourcel.
On Alejandra (right): Suit Garage Sale, Top Maison Mourcel.

“We already own our dream clothes.”
–Kate Mcguire

Dress Handmade by Marie Dupuy and Paulette Forget, Carabiner’s Stylist’s Archive

“Wear your values.”

Jeans Enyce Vintage, Shoes Handmade by Constance Tabourga

“So my mind keeps coming back to the question: what is wrong with us?”
— Naomi Klein

On Alejandra (left): Jacket Garage Sale, Dress YSL Archive from La Croix Rouge.
On Lucca (right): Jacket Vintage Adidas updated by Maison Simone.

“To care less in some ways and to care more in other ways.”
— Unknown

On Alejandra (left): Hat Tempolino, Dress Free’P’Star, Bag Emmaus, Shoes Garage Sale.
On Lucca (right): Jumpsuit Maison Mourcel, T-Shirt Leclerc, Shoes Episode.

“So, instead of looking for hope, look for action. Then, and only then, hope will come.”
— Greta Thunberg 

Hood and Coat YBZ Couture, Pullover H&M (upcycled), Shorts Vintage, Bags Chinemachine, Shoes Model’s Own.

“Clothes of the future will be vintage.”

On Alejandra (left): Top, Skirt, and Bag Handmade by France Hofnung, Shoes Garage Sale.
On Lucca (right): Top and Chaps Vintage from Chine Machine, Shirt Vintage from Guerrisol, Shoes Doc Martens from Guerrisol.

Do you remember, not long ago, it was okay to wear the same clothes on consecutive days? When did that change?
— Unknown

Entire Look Vintage (from various stores)