We meet in the middle

Editorials — 08.07.19

Photographer: Guillaume Plas
Stylist: Francesca Riccardi
Hair: Shiyu Liu
Makeup: Marie Guillon
Models: Maralmaa at Gangz Management and Thimour at Metropolitan Models

Trousers Pierre Cardin, Shoes Stylist’s Archive

Top and Shoes NANUSHKA, Skirt CHINEMACHINE, Earrings Stylist’s Archive

Jacket and Shoes Stylist’s Archive, Top Kenzo, Trousers Pierre Cardin, Earrings Model’s Own

On Maralmaa: Top Zara, Trousers SKIIM, Sandals NANUSHKA, Earrings Stylist’s Archive.
On Thimour:
Top Zara, Trousers Pierre Cardin, Shoes Vintage.

On Thimour: Top Zara.
On Maralmaa:
Jacket STAND, Earrings Stylist’s Archive.